NICWA 42nd annual Protecting our Children Conference

Thank you for joining us at the NICWA 42nd annual Protecting Our Children Conference: Together We Stand, Preserving the Spirit of ICWA. Based on your conference attendance, we think you’ll find these tools, webinars, and articles from our AdoptUSKids partners helpful.

Diligent recruitment

Developing Recruitment Plans: A Toolkit for States and Tribes [tool]. This toolkit was developed by AdoptUSKids through work with states, tribes, counties, and territories on diligent recruitment and recruitment planning efforts to help child welfare systems develop strategic, data-driven recruitment plans.

Diligent Recruitment Planning Tool for Tribes: A Tribal Supplement to the Diligent Recruitment Navigator [tool]. This tool provides condensed information on diligent recruitment that is tailored for tribes, easy to use, and tribally relevant.

Engaging and supporting Native families

Tribal Support Services Assessment Tool [tool]. This tool with the link to the Tribal Support Services Companion Guide is designed to help tribes assess and improve the services offered to foster, kinship, adoptive, and customary adoptive families.

Understanding, Engaging, and Supporting Native Families [webinar]. In this webinar, presenters provide an introduction to tribes, citizenship, and connection. They discuss tribal sovereignty, significant historical events, and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Embedding Support in All You Do 5 Ways Tribes Can Support Resource Families from First Engagement [article]. This article addresses how workers in tribal child welfare agencies can support families at every stage, even when they already have a full plate of work.

How Tribal Values and Traditions Can Guide Recruitment, Development, and Support of Resource Families [tipsheet]. AdoptUSKids worked with tribal consultants to provide the information in this tipsheet to help tribal child welfare administrators ground resource family support efforts in tribal culture.

Fostering extended family ties

Fostering Extended Family Ties Between Resource Families and Birth Families in Tribal Child Welfare Practice [tipsheet]. AdoptUSKids worked with tribal consultants to provide this information in this tipsheet to help tribal child welfare administrators to support resource families in acting as extended family to the birth family in the best interest of the Indian child.

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