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Recruiting families

Recruiting families to meet the needs of the children and youth in your agency’s care begins with knowing the children and youth. Demographics such as race, culture, ages as well as communities they are from are all important to know.  In addition, you want to know what their unique emotional, behavioral, and physical care needs are. Once you know the children and youth, you can use various approaches such as child specific and focused recruitment to recruit the families they need.

Whether you’re recruiting for families who can support sibling groups or you’re on a mission to find a specific family for a young person, your recruitment should be data-driven and multifaceted.

The resources on this page will help you learn about:

  • Focused and child-specific recruitment and how to recruit more intentionally today. 
  • Examples of successful systems-change efforts. 
  • How you can help prospective families succeed.
  • Ideas for partnering with specific organizations and communities to recruit families that meet the needs of children and youth. 
A family of two adults and two children standing close together and smiling in front of a house.

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