2024 NAA conference

Thank you for joining us at the 2024 NAA conference: Listening to Every Voice, Supporting Inclusive Cultural Permanence. Based on your conference attendance, we think you’ll find these tools, webinars, and articles from our AdoptUSKids partners helpful.

Diligent recruitment

Using data to recruit and sustain families [webinar]. This webinar highlights key concepts and approaches for creating a comprehensive diligent recruitment program, with an emphasis on ways to use data effectively.

Using integrated recruitment and support to build a strong pool of foster, adoptive, and kinship families [tipsheet]. This tip sheet offers a vision of what an integrated system could look like, along with specific examples, and suggests steps to take toward integration.

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Supporting LGBTQ youth

Help resource caregivers support LGBTQ youth: insights from a young person with lived experience [article]. How can caseworkers better prepare caregivers to affirm and support LGBTQ youth in their care? This article provides numerous tips, and a young person with lived experience in foster care and adoption shares what he needed from caseworkers and caregivers as an LGBTQ youth.

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Racial and ethnic competence

Assessing the racial and ethnic cultural competence of your support services [tool]. This assessment tool from AdoptUSKids will help get you started in building more culturally competent support services.

The importance of race and culture in adoption permanency decisions [webinar]. AdoptUSKids presenters provide a brief overview of structural racism and its lingering effects on the child welfare system, and they explore the impact of disproportionality and racial disparities on child welfare practice.

Racial equity in targeted recruitment and support: Strategies for reaching and engaging families of color [webinar]. AdoptUSKids presenters discuss targeted recruitment in child welfare, along with tips and strategies.

Seven suggestions for a successful transracial adoption [article]. To share with families: in this article on the AdoptUSKids Blog, adoptive parents and child welfare professionals share advice.

Advice to parents adopting a child of another race [article]. To share with families: on the AdoptUSKids blog, an adult transracial adoptee and professor of social work describes the elements of “transracial adoption justice” and what adoptive parents can do to support their children.

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Navigating relationships with birth family

Navigating first family relationships: A discussion guide [tool]. This discussion guide helps support group leaders lead a group to consider first-family relationships. The term “first family” is used broadly and can include the birth family and any important person whom the child considers family.

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